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Indigenous Forest Bioeconomy Program (IFBP)

Program Category: Clean Energy, Climate Adaptation, Built Environment, Environment, Community Infrastructure
Program Sub-Category: Energy Efficiency (Housing, Buildings), Risk Assessments, Environmental Stewardship, Economic Development, Innovation, Waste Reduction and Circular Economy
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Status: Open


BC Ministry of Forests (FOR)

Deadline Details

After February 28, 2023, proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Funder Organization Type

  • BC Provincial Government
  • Non-Governmental Organization or Society

The Indigenous Forest Bioeconomy Program (IFBP) enables Indigenous communities to unlock the economic, social and environmental benefits from their participation in BC’s forest sector with partners across BC through specific project support. These projects are related to the development and expansion of BC’s bioeconomy, and include the development of bioproducts from concept to commercialization, fibre capture logistics, and biomass supply and processing analysis. The IFBP is guided by the goals, principles, and objectives of the Indigenous Forest Bioeconomy Framework which was developed through collaboration and engagement with numerous First Nations and Indigenous organisations.
Funding will be provided to enable an applicant to:
  • Conduct feasibility studies;
  • Complete research integral to future economic development opportunities; or
  • Advance a fledgling business or to grow an extant venture by supporting First Nations communities in cultivating projects that reflect their needs, goals, and values
Examples of projects that may be supported include:
  • Non-timber forest products (e.g., essential oils, processed foods, teas, etc.);
  • Assessment of residuals as supply for a processing facility;
  • E-commerce platform launch and marketing for business using wood biomass;
  • Fibre utilization feasibility study; and
  • Biomass supply and processing analysis

Eligible Community

Communities must fall into one of the following categories to qualify as eligible to receive funding:
a) A First Nation “band” as defined by the Indian Act (Canada);
b) A First Nation governing body, representing exclusively one or more First Nations; or
c) A First Nation enterprise (e.g. a non-governing body such as an economic development arm of a First Nation).

Required Community Contribution

Community contribution required (please see program website)

Funding Stacking Restrictions


Stacking of funding is permitted through the IFBP.

Professional input required


Specific eligibility requirements

In order to be eligible for funding under the Indigenous Forest Bioeconomy Program, projects must:
- Have community support;
- Be located (or have a major component located) in BC;
- Utilize forest biomass; and,
- Provide social, economic and environmental benefits.

Type of funding

  • Grant
  • Capital
  • Support (e.g. consulting management)

Range of funding available per project

  • Up to $100,000

Description of funding

The amount of funding available will depend heavily on the type of project being pursued and the unique requirements of each project. However, general ranges of past projects have been $10,000 to $25,000 for scoping to assessment phases, $20,000 to $75,000 for testing to demonstration phases, and $25,000+ for commercialisation to scale-up phases.

Percentage of project funded

Generally, up to 80% of a project. Many community partners provide a 20% investment in the overall cost of their project. It is recognized that this can sometimes create an undue barrier in accessing/leveraging additional funding and IBIO seeks to identify solutions collaboratively to ensure that we can support successful Indigenous-led projects and businesses. Contact to discuss if this could pose a barrier to your project.

Eligible costs

Engineering, Design, Planning, Capital Costs, Equipment/Material Purchase, Project Management

Reporting requirements

Progress reports and final reports

Expected timeframe for funding decision

Expect a response right away. Program staff are open to conversations about your application at any point.

  •  Application limit per community: Communities may apply for multiple projects. However, a final lens of ensuring geographic diversity of projects is used by the evaluation committee which may impact the likelihood of multiple projects within one community being approved for funding. Get in touch with us at if you would like to discuss your specific situation.
  • If you have an idea for a project please review our application form (PDF, 253 KB), application guide (PDF, 317 KB), and get in touch with us at We are happy to discuss potential projects and answer any questions you may have about the program.