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Local Governments

Is this guide for you?

The BC Community Climate Funding Guide offers a simpler way for local governments and Indigenous communities to find funding for their climate action projects.

Maybe you’re a grant writer looking for funding to add heat pumps to a community building. Or a mayor preparing your town to cope with future wildfires. Or a sustainability manager implementing active transportation projects.

Whatever your role and whatever your project, this is the place to start if:

You’re looking for funding for a climate action project, and
you’re working on behalf of a local government.

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Reducing the Barriers to Your Climate Action Goals

Across B.C., local governments are stepping up to tackle climate change. By demonstrating innovation and commitment to strong climate action, they’re taking the lead in making the switch to clean energy and preparing for the impacts already being felt in our communities.

Taking these important steps, though, requires funding. And as we heard from many of you, finding that necessary funding can be overly complicated and time consuming.

This guide was created as an additional tool to help you simplify your search for funding and reduce the barriers between you and your climate action goals. Use it to discover which funds you might be eligible for and to find programs that can help get your projects moving.

What types of programs are listed?

Climate Preparedness and Adaptation

Funding to help communities prepare for and respond to wildfires, droughts, floods and other impacts of climate change.

Community Infrastructure

Funding to help cover the costs of building sustainable communities, including waste facilities, transportation systems and community buildings.

Sustainable Transportation

Funding to help communities pay for bike lanes, charging stations, and other projects that will encourage the use of zero-emission vehicles and active transportation, like cycling and walking.

Clean Energy

Energy efficiency, fuel switching and renewable energy projects that help communities move to cleaner energy systems.

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