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Grant Writing Support

Program Category: Clean Energy, Climate Adaptation
Program Sub-Category: Energy Efficiency (Housing / Buildings), Renewable Energy
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Status: Closed


Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT)

Deadline Details

Northern Development approves Grant Writing Support projects on an annual basis. Applications are accepted starting November 1 but must be received prior to midnight on January 31 to be eligible for consideration in that funding year.

Funder Organization Type

  • Trust

Regional Limitations

This is a regional program and only supports communities in its service area.

(See the Map)

The Grant Writing Support program provides annual funding to support a grant writing position in a local government or First Nation band. The grant writer supports communities by preparing funding applications to agencies, foundations and government programs in order to access more funding dollars to support economic development projects and initiatives.
Although the focus of NDIT programs is economic development, programs can also support community goals related to clean energy and adaptation. 

Eligible Community

  • Local governments
  • Registered First Nations bands 

Regional Limitations

Yes (See the Map)

Type of Funding

  • Grant

Range of Funding Available per Project

  • Under $100 000

Description of Funding

Up to $8,000 grant, to a maximum of 76% of eligible grant writer wages, each calendar year.
Eligible grant writing positions: 
  • Dedicated full-time, part-time or on-demand grant writer (staff or contract position)
  • Full-time or part-time staff member where the grant writing portion of the job is at least 30% of the total workload (A copy of the job description specifying the % of time allocated to grant writing must be provided to Northern Development)

Ineligible Costs

Ineligible Costs
  • GST
  • Costs incurred in time periods outside the calendar year approved for funding support
  • CPP, EI, WCB and other benefits, bonuses, or allowances such as vehicle, phone, or living
  • Costs related to recruiting, hiring, or relocating
  • Travel, office expenditures, and costs other than wages 

Reporting Requirements

Final report only